Love, Sex and Eating The Bones
Love, Sex and Eating The Bones is an urban
erotic-romance film directed and written by David Sudz
Sutherland. The film stars Hill Harper as Michael and
Marlyne Afflack as Jasmine.

Michael is an aspiring photographer who worked as a
security officer to pay the bills. He lacked the inspiration to
seriously pursue his dream of becoming a photographer
and found himself in a rut. During a chance encounter in
the laundromat he met a beautiful woman name Jasmine.
They instantly connected romantically.

Jasmine is a marketing executive who is celibate due to
bad previous relationships. Michael had a problem - his
addiction to pornography. He was unaware of how serious
his problem was until he and Jasmine decided to take their
relationship to the next level. Frustrated and
embarrassed, Michael was unable to share that kind of
intimacy with Jasmine due to his dependency and
addiction to pornography.  It seemed that Michael had not
been in a serious relationship in a while. He was unable
and unwilling to give-up his addiction to porn for Jasmine
just yet. This caused more problems and threatened the
end of their budding relationship.

During the process, Michael was forced to trust himself
more both in love and also to become more focused in
advancing his career. In the end, he continued to struggle
on gripping his attention and desires of love verses the
fantasy world that he had created.

Overall, the film is very interesting because it deals with a
taboo topic that can be a very relevant problem for a
relationship where there is an addition to pornography.
The acting skills of the actors involved in this film were
good because they were able to deliver a very
entertaining and humorous story effectively.

There are some very sexy scenes but no real nudity in this
film. Although there were parts of the film that seemed a
little over the top and exaggerated this film was very
entertaining mixed in with humor and added with a
teaspoon of romance.  This movie is definitely not the best
or the worst but definitely entertaining.

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted April 2010
Love, Sex
and Eating
The Bones





Eating the Bones

Movie Rating:

Run Time:
100 minutes

Starring: Hill Harper, Marlyne Barrett
Mark Taylor
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