Movie Review
~Mango Kiss~
Mango Kiss

Sascha Rice

Wolfe Video

Movie Rating:
Not Rated

Run Time:
84 minutes

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Mango Kiss is a light-hearted comedy about love and sex
in the lesbian community. The story takes place in San
Francisco, where the two main characters Lou and Sassy
relocated and were living as roommates. Sassy, recently
"came out" and was exploring her options in love. Lou
was Sassy's best friend. She was desperately in love with
Sassy and would do anything to be with her. They both
agree to an open relationship.

Lou was uncomfortable with this decision but decided to
go ahead with the agreement because all she wanted was
to be loved by Sassy regardless of how much or how little
she got in return.  

The story takes an interesting turn when Sassy finds
another lover other than Lou. Lou and Sassy agreed that
regardless of who the other dates no one would replace
daddy/girl relationship.

Lou in turn, had mixed feelings about their relationship
once Sassy's relationship with her new lover appeared to
become more intense. Lou and Sassy's life turned upside
down when they discover their love for each other is
deeper than they both had thought.

The film is filled with sex and humor with a lot of kinky
elements that ranges from sexy nude scenes, role play,
and bondage scenes among women.

The story line and acting is pretty good. The
cinematography is done well.

I think the film is not meant to be taken seriously as the
picture perfect idea of a butch/fem relationship. But rather
shows a relationship that happens to involve lesbian
characters. At the end, the characters discover that
compromising a monogamist relationship for a non
monogamist relationship can turn for the bad when
emotions are involved.

Mango Kiss is an interesting film that takes an interesting
look at love. If you are looking for a film that has a lot of
corky over-the-top humor, and some sexy lesbian scenes
than perhaps this is the movie for you. But if get offended
easily of taboo topics then this might not be the film for
you. Happy Holidays!

Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief
Bare Back Magazine

Posted December 2009