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Run Time:
71 minutes

Raw nakedness and sensuality are two words that I think of when I
describe this movie.  

9 Songs is an x-rated/porn movie, that attempts to show a symbolism
of a sexual relationship and the nine rock songs played throughout
the movie.

9 Songs is the story of two lovers (Matt & Lisa) who grew to love each
other through sex after meeting at a rock concert. The nine songs in
the movie depict the stages of their relationship throughout the movie.
Matt and Lisa became so close that they moved into an apartment
together; Lisa was an American exchange student/drifter living in
London and Matt a young English glaciologist.  

The Movie starts off with Matt reminiscing (one year later) about his
relationship with his 21 year old American sex-addicted lover Lisa.
There is no real story line in this film. So, the film shows Matt recalling
blurs and even makes commentaries of his experiences with Lisa
throughout the movie and recalls this as he travels across the
glaciers in Antarctica.

The sex scenes are real and very steamy.  This movie can very easily
be classified as a x-rated movie due to very real and raw sex scenes
like oral sex shown on film between the two characters. Matt even
came to a full climax on screen.  At times, I was on the edge of my
seats watching like a voyeur. This movie is not a "traditional porn
movie."  The sex scenes are very edgy, but are also very emotional
and personal as it documents a sexual relationship.  

Although, there is no true story line, the characters appeared to have
an emotional bond with each other, and it makes the film seem more
like a documentary of a real couple's sex life which included very raw
sex. I guess the best description could be a reality type show, except
the characters are really just actors.  So, because of that point I would
say that the chemistry between the two actors is very good because
their on-screen chemistry really clicked.

For me, the element of the Rock and Roll concert(s) throughout the
movie was not appealing and was very distracting, but I do appreciate
the director for doing so to create symbolism. There is also brief drug
use and cocaine used by the characters in the movie.

I enjoyed the sex scenes and the small element of  a story line. In the
end, I was left feeling highly aroused, and now have a very special
spot in my heart for this movie.   This movie is not for most, especially
for those who do not like Rock and Roll and for those who are looking
for a real story line that can be clearly understood.

This movie is confusing at times and chronologically out of place. But
I believe that the film was intentionally not meant to make sense.  But
if you relate it to real relationships, one can say that relationships can
also be unclear. And unclarity can sometimes be a very nice place to

Four Stars out of Five

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted June 2009
Starring: Kieran O'Brien, Margo Stilley
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