Movie Review:
~One Hour Fantasy Girl~
One Hour
Fantasy Girl

Michael Bravo

No Restrictions
Entertainment LLC

Movie Rating:
Uncut NC 17

Run Time:
1 hour 30

One Hour Fantasy Girl is an erotic drama based on a true
story. The story focuses on the main character Becky
Lewis (Kelly-Ann Tursi) a 20 year old fantasy girl who
made a living by fulfilling men's fantasies. Like many
women in similar professions, Becky had a lot of emotional
baggage which at times caused her to have trouble
sleeping. She came from an abusive childhood - her
mother was an alcoholic. Becky ran away from home at
age 15. Life on the streets of Los Angeles was a struggle
to survive ever since.

The cinematography is very professional for an indie
movie. The opening scene grabbed my attention where
Becky found herself acting out a fantasy about infancy.  
She greeted him wearing erotic clothing while he was in
bed waiting. She acted out his fantasy cradling him and
feeding him from a baby bottle filled with vodka.

Becky saw her choice to work as a fantasy girl as a
temporary fix to save money for her dream of owning real
estate. Becky hooked up with a business partner/pimp
named Chi Trang (Paul D. Nguyen). Chi Trang was an
aspiring musician.  He did not care much about Becky and
only saw her as commodity to help him break into the
music business.

Becky met most of her clients from her website. She grew
close to a client named Bobby (Joe Luckay) who had just
came to LA from Montana. He appeared to be a loner and
somewhat weird.  Becky was taken back by his fantasy to
have discipline by just lying in bed with her. She saw it as a
waste of time because she felt that there was no real
fantasy being acted out.

Becky soon found out that the world of a One Hour
Fantasy Girl was not as easy as she had thought and she
constantly had second thoughts about whether she could
actually do it. Her journey towards independence lead to
her taking a raw look at her life for what it really was. She
soon found herself caught up in life threatening situations
that left her shaken and physically bruised, and her life
would never be the same again.

The movie appears to take a very dark look at the life of
the main character. There are parts of the film especially
towards the end that appear out of order and confusing.
There is no nudity in this film and there is a subtle taste of
eroticism that is appealing.  However the unknown drama
and mystery behind Becky's character along with the
knowledge of this being based on a true story makes the
film more interesting.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted January 2010
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