Rotkappchen The Blood of Red Riding Hood is a film
inspired by a classic fairy tale (Red Ridding Hood) and is
based in a modern day society. Rose (
Stefanie Geils), a 17
year old German student moved to America to live with her
grandmother because Rose's mother thought that it would
be a good idea. Rose appeared unsure about how she
would fit into her new school and withdrew into a book of
fairy tales which sparked her imagination into a world that
seemed colorful.

Rose made a new friend in school name Summer (
Verte) who encouraged Rose to pursue her interest in Nick
Phil Gibson), the most popular boy in school. With the
help of Summer, Rose transformed herself from a homely
looking young woman to a sexier look.  Rose thought that
Nick was good for her, and gave into her sexual desires.

Unknown to Rose, Summer and the rest of the town, Nick
hid a secret that shocked them all and ignited a series of
gruesome and mysterious murders in their once quiet town.
Nick's ex-girl friend didn't like that Nick and Rose had
become close and decided to take revenge out on Rose.

Rose saw herself as Red Riding Hood as she withdrew into
her book of fairy tales to avoid conflict and uncertainty. In
the end, Rose was forced to confront "the wolf" and her
fears of what lingered in the woods; she was left asking
herself, "What would Red Riding Hood do?"

The acting is pretty good. The film's cinematography is
beyond excellent and is in both black and white and also
color. Although the majority of the film is in black in white,
you find that Rose's character seemed to be obsessed with
wearing red and everything that is red in the film is actually
in color instead of black and white. A world in black and
white with highlights of the color red is quite interesting
especially for the theme (the blood of Red Riding Hood).

What stood out about the film are the artistic and creative
aspects that explode on the screen into a film that is not
your ordinary horror film about horny teens. You will find a
film that is of high quality with an interesting story line and
plot. Nudity and sexual intimacy is shown in the film but
nothing that is overly offensive.

This is a great film to watch especially for Halloween or any
occasion, but it is not intended for children. You must be
18 or over to watch this film because of the adult content
and nudity. This is a terrific erotic fantasy to watch and
enjoy - inspired by fairy tales; this is what adult fairy tale
are made of.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted November 2009
Rotkappchen The
Blood of Red
Riding Hood

Harry Sparks


Harry Sparks

Harry Sparks

Entertainment LLC.

Movie Rating:

Run Time:
105 minutes

Movie Review
Rotkappchen The Blood of Red
Riding Hood~
Starring: Stefanie Geils, Sativa Verte and
Phil Gibson
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