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~Strictly Sexual~
Strictly Sexual is a romantic comedy that explores the
complexity of love, sex and relationships. The movie starts
off with one of the female leads, Donna masturbating to
porn that she's watching on TV.  This intro is abruptly
ended when Donna who had also tied her hands and feet
up dropped her remote after fast forwarding through
scenes. She then fell on her bedroom floor still tied up. So
that kind of gave a feel of how the movie would go from
there --a mixture of sex and humor.

The movie had it's funny moments --two "rich girls" come up
with the idea of going out to a bar to pick up two male
prostitutes. Donna was the one who came up with the idea
and kind of coached Christi-Ann into going out that night.  
Despite Christi-Ann being the more conservative type, she
agrees to go along with Donna's idea of picking up two
male prostitutes.

The women end up taking the two male leads (Stanly and
Joe) home for an exciting night of hot sex under the
presumption that they are male prostitutes.  The ladies later
hired the guys as their live-in sex slaves, under the
condition that it would be strictly sexual.  But what they
didn't realize is sometimes things are not "strictly sexual"
when theres chemistry involved.

I had mixed feelings about this movie --the plot was a little
weak, but once I started watching the movie I became
intrigued with the characters and how the story played out.

There was very little if any nudity coupled with mildly erotic
sex scenes. The movie had it's erotic moments in the
bedroom where the couples shared their most wildest
fantasies. For example, Donna, the more sexually
aggressive of the two women liked to be tied up, talked
down to, fucked really hard and treated really dirty while
having sex, but was quite the opposite in her relationships
outside of the bedroom. Christi-Ann on the other hand was
more conservative sexually, up until that point, she had
never had a one night stand and only had sex in one
position. This aspect about her and her obvious
inexperience in the bedroom made her character seem
more naive sexually. Despite the women being each others'
opposites I think that their friendship is strengthened
because both women compensated the other for what the
other does not have.  

The men were two drifters who happened to get lucky by
hooking up with two rich girls who initially thought they were
male prostitutes. Things became more complicated for the
characters when they realized that there was an innate
chemistry that tied them all together.  The story made a
major shift from sex to romance, to love and a little
confusion and disagreements among the characters.

This movie is a true "chick film." The movie I think would be
a great date movie and I believe men can appreciate the
combined romantic flavor and humor of the film. I think the
strength of this movie is it's ability to make you think about
how complex relationships really are and how sex can
change things for the better or worst.

Overall, if you are looking for a film with a lot of sex and
action this is not the film for you. But if you are interested in
watching a story with complex characters, humor, romance,
a less than predictable ending then perhaps you just might
enjoy this film.

Four Stars out of Five!

Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief
Bare Back Magazine

Posted August 2009

Joel Viertel

Arts Alliance

Movie Rating:

Run Time:
99 Minutes

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