The Dreamers is a very fascinating film about an American
student named Matthew
(Michael Pitt (II) who comes to
France to study french for a year in 1968.  Matthew, a film
lover found himself visiting the cinema quite frequently.

The film shows a very realistic time in France of the
student riots in Paris, during the Vietnam War era.  
However, the film also tells another story of a coming of
age of three young people in their early 20s.

Matthew soon meets twins, Isabelle
(Eva Green) and Théo  
(Louis Garrel).  The trio's realized love for film turns into a
courtship that becomes more sexual as their friendship
develops. Matthew appeared to be a "naive" American who
was intrigued by the openness of the French and
especially the implied incestuous relationship between
siblings Isabelle and Théo.

Matthew ends up moving in with the twins. Isabelle and
Théo initiated Matthew into their world of dreams and
fantasy as they challenged each other to movie trivia as
well as risqué sexual games that crosses the line of their
friendship and sends them on a sensual voyage of
discovery and desire.

There was indeed a revolution going on outside with the
student riots but their was another more intimate revolution
that occurred among the characters. Matthew found
himself in love with the inseparable twins but especially
found himself wanting Isabelle to himself.

Although, Isabelle appeared very sexual, she had never
been on a date and never experienced intimacy with
anyone other than her brother Théo; so she was quite
naive herself.

I think the writer and director attempt in this film was to
shock the audience as well as take the audience on a
sexual voyage that would stimulate even the most
conservative people. This shock would probably make one
either love or hate this movie.  It at times made me feel
ashamed to be turned on by the characters relationships
but also intrigued by the complexity of what was going on in
the real world demonstrations outside verses the dream
world antics that occurred among the trio.

Although, the characters gave in to each other sexually
there was a constant battle for control of who would
ultimately end up with Isabelle and their insatiable world
that they had created.

This film is not for everyone because of its adult content.
For example, full-frontal nudity, implied incest, and
soft-core sex. And also some people may be turned off by
the historical background in the movie and overall
complexity of the movie and its characters.  The
cinematography at times was dark but of good quality.  
Overall, this was a very good film.

Four stars out of five.   

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted March 2009
Movie Review:
~The Dreamers~




Gilbert Adair

20th Century

Movie Rating:
Uncut NC 17

Run Time:
115 minutes

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Starring: Michael Pitt (II), Eva Green,
Louis Garrel
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Starring: Michael Pitt (II), Eva Green,
Louis Garrel