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~This Girl's Life~
This Girl's Life is about a Moon (Juliette Marquis), an
internet porn star. The story revisits different stages of her
life and the events that have impacted the person that she
had become. Moon doesn't see herself as one of the "sad
stories" that you often hear about porn stars.  But, in
reality, her life is a lot like what you hear, coming from a
broken home, and using sex to deal with the difficulties of
her life.

Despite Moon being a well known porn star whose daily
norms includes dealing with the hustle of the adult
entertainment business, she manages to have a very
sensitive and soft side that makes her very likeable. She
lives with her father (James Woods), who is terminally ill
and suffers from Parkinson's disease. Her love and
dedication to care for her father shows a side of Moon that
makes her more human as she copes with the challenges
of caring for a parent who is ill.

Moon puts porn on pause after being asked to test the
faithfulness of a friend's fiancé by playing femme fatale .
Moon soon starts her own sex intelligence business.  
Moon learns the business quickly as she had done with
the porn business,  but also learns a very difficult lesson
that causes her to question the path she choose for

This film shows an introspective view of the life of a porn
actress and the evolution that her life takes through
events in her life.

The film also gives a realist view of the porn industry. For
example, explicit nudity,  realistic sex scenes, and full
frontal scenes of both men and women.  But the film also
shows the harsh reality that many porn actresses try to
camouflage, like drug use behind the scenes, pressure to
do scenes that are not comfortable, and being exploited
by directors and producers all in the name of the almighty

Writer/director Ash did a good job in showing the life of a
porn actress in front of and behind the scenes as while as
the personal life reality and everyday obstacles that they
face as human beings. But the story kinda lost its eroticism
towards the middle, and became a series of events
towards the end of the movie.  

I also wanted to see more of Rosario Dawson in the movie.
She played a small role and played more of a supportive
and intelligent type friend to Moon; she did not have any
nudity or sex scenes in the movie.

Newcomer, Juliette Marquis did an awesome job in playing
the role of Moon. I look forward to seeing more from her in
the near future.

James Wood, as expected, did a great job in playing his
character role of a man who suffers from Parkinson's

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and would recommend the
movie to anyone over 21.

Four stars out of five.   

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted January 2009
Starring:  James Woods, Juliette
Marquis, Kip Pardue, Tomas Arana,
Michael Rapaport, Rosario Dawson,
Isaiah Washington
This Girl's



David Hillary

Studio:   Arts

Movie Rating:

Run Time:
104 minutes
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