Sometimes fate has its way of changing the way we see the
world. When it comes to matters of the heart, there is no
telling what can happen when there are two people who
really care about each other. Train wreck is a hilarious
romantic comedy written by Amy Schumer. Schumer plays
“Amy” a writer at a men's lifestyle magazine. Her career and
her life was pretty comfortable and predictable as it
consisted of causal sexual relationships that had no potential
for real romance or commitment. But things changed when
she was assigned an article piece on a sports medicine
surgeon named Aaron who just happens to be best friends
with LeBron James.

Since she was very young Amy, was afraid of monogamy. It
was taught to her by her father that monogamy was
unrealistic. At the point where she met Aaron (the sports
medicine surgeon) she was involved in a lot of one night
stands and causal sexual encounters, along with having a
boyfriend who she apparently did not care very much about
because he was unaware of her side affairs with other men.

Once Amy met Aaron she became immediately attracted to
him, but not in just a sexual way. She then realizes that their
relationship was not just causal. There was actually some
depth to their relationship. She reluctantly dates him and
unknowingly becomes involved in a monogamous
relationship with him and through that process, learns a lot
about herself. She was indeed a train wreck waiting to
happen, but at the same time she had discovered something
and someone who was worth fighting for. Monogamy became
something to consider as she rationalized her feelings for

Amy Schumer and Bill Hader (who plays her love interest
Aaron) have a great on screen chemistry in this movie. Train
Wreck is rated R because it has lots of sex scenes and
mature language that is even more outrageous. The movie
has a lot of funny moments but also a risque romantic
comedy to watch.
Movie Review
Starring:  Amy Schumer, Bill Hader,
Brie Larson
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Judd Apatow

Amy Schumer

Apatow Productions,
Universal Pictures

Movie Rating:

Run Time:
125 min