Movie Review: Trois
This month I am focusing on a triple review of the Trois
 Trois one, two and three are all very provocative
stories of sexual escapades and suspense –some more
better than the other. Each starring African American actors.
And each movie presents highly erotic sex scenes and
interesting stories that are engaging and involving
throughout; each story has elements of a ménage à trois

Trois 1 – The first installment to the highly erotic trilogy is
filled with many twists and surprises. The story centers
around an attractive young couple, Jermaine and Jasmine
(Gary Dourdan and Kenya Moore), who moved to Atlanta.  
Jermaine convinced Jasmine to try a ménage à trois with
another woman to spice things up; their relationship spirals
down hill and he realized that having a ménage à trois was a
mistake. He found himself in a Fatal Attraction type situation
except the other woman was more interested in his wife. Both
Jermaine and Jasmine unlocked secrets about each others'
sexual past that they had wished were left alone. This movie
is very erotic as well as carry a very appealing story line. This
independent film has good acting, and good
cinematography.  It is understandable how this movie sets a
standard of excellence and is the first in the Trois trilogy.

Trois 2: Pandora's Box – Starts off with a highly erotic and
very intense shower sex scene which soon came to a holt
when there was a murder – hence the handsome Tyson
Bedford only had a cameo role in this film.  The story
centered around Tammy, the wife of the murdered man and
also the psychologist  (Mia).  Both women found themselves
connected in a web of deceit when Tammy becomes Mia’s
patient. Tammy wanted Mia to help her cope with her left over
feelings related to her husband’s murder. Meanwhile, the
police suspected Tammy was involved in the murder and
asked Mia to discuss any pertinent information from their
therapy sessions with them.  

Doctor Mia listened to Tammy discuss her sex life and the
many sexual escapades that she shared with her late
husband. Mia began to realize that her own love life was in
trouble.  She was convinced by Tammy to experience the
swingers’ lifestyle. Tammy invited her to “Pandora’s Box” – A
sexually charged swingers club.  Mia reluctantly agreed to
visit Pandora’s Box, but became overwhelmed by what she
saw (orgies, drugs, nudity, BDSM, and gay sex) in a highly
sexually charged environment.  As she wandered throughout
Pandora’s Box she saw a man who was familiar to her. She
was intrigued and became seduced by him.  She knew that
having sex with him was bad but she just could not resist. At
that point, the story had many twists that made it more
interesting. Mia realized that sometimes, things may not be as
they seem. She found herself trapped in emotions and left to
make a very serious decision that changed her life as she
knew it.  

There is a deep flaw in the initial story line when it comes to
the love triangle the doctor finds herself in, but it all became
clear towards the end of the movie. Hence, this made the
movie even more interesting because it did not exactly end
the way that I had expected.  The acting in this movie was
very good – better than the other two in the trilogy.  The
cinematography was done very well. The male leads (Michael
Jai White, Kristoff St. John, and Tyson Beckford) had me
wishing I was a character in this movie to experience the
sexual pleasures that doctor Mia and Tammy had
experienced. This installment was well written, but also very
twisted – A thrill of a ride all the way to the end.

Trois 3: The Escort – This final installment was more urban
contemporary than the previous installments.  Trent, a
concert promoter and law school drop out found himself over
his head in trouble when his dealings with gangsters resulted
in something that had the potential to become deadly.  Trent
agreed to work as an escort to make extra cash.

Once again in the tradition of Trios – this installment is
twisted but more so towards the end. The madam of the
escort service was very controlling and left him feeling
trapped because she seemed to have special “feelings” for
him. He found escorting as an escape from his parents’
expectations of him, but soon realized that his choices had
serious consequences that he was not ready for.

The beginning of the movie was somewhat slow if you
compare it to the first two installments. And the story line and
acting was somewhat “weak”.  The cinematography was
good.  I would not have watch it if I had not already watched
the first two installments.  One of the best aspects of this film
were the highly attractive lead characters Brian J. White (from
Motives 2 - Retribution) and Patrice Fisher (from Zane’s Sex

Summary: What was an added plus for each of these movies
were the attractive actors as I stated previously. I can not
deny that all three of these movies were very erotic and very
sexy.  There was nothing that was subtle about the sex
scenes. Especially in the Pandora’s Box installment.  Mr.
Tyson Bedford made a short but memorable cameo in the
beginning during a steamy shower scene that still replays
itself in my mind.

These movies can be rented on Netfilx, Blockbuster and
purchased on Amazon.

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted August 2010
Story Category: Romantic -Steamy,
Erotic Triller, Psychological Thrillers

Rob Hardy


Rainforest Films

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