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~Vicky Cristina Barcelona~
Vicky Cristina

Woody Allen



Woody Allen

The Weinstein

Movie Rating:

Run Time:
96 minutes

Starring: Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz,
Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall,
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TRAILER of this movie!!!!
Vicky Cristina Barcelona, is a film by writer/director Woody
Allen. This film is a romantic comedy that explores that
notion of love; and why love is so difficult to define. Unlike
many of Woody Allen's films, this film is less of a comedy
and more of an romantic exploration documenting the
personal difficulties that can prevent one from loving
deeply and ultimately from finding true love. Can lust,
override love and sex? Does any of these three elements
(sex, love, lust) weigh more than the other?

The two main characters, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and
Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) are two best friends who
come to Barcelona for a summer of exploration and self
discovery.  Both Vicky and Cristina have two very different
views on love. Vicky appeared to be the more stable,
predictable, the "low risk" type of women who likes to plan
her life out. While Cristina, more impulsive and enjoys the
challenges and complexity of love and even craves the
drama involved in passionate love affairs. The two women
met artist, Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem) and their
definition of love was soon challenged and perhaps

Vicky, appeared to be the most rational, and was at first
reluctant to give into Juan Antonio's Spanish charm. She
didn't even appear to want to give him the time of day.
However, Vicky became the first of the best friends to
become seduced by Juan Antonio's Spanish masculine
charm, more quicker than her best friend Cristina.  And
despite her reservations which included her being
engaged to be married, Vicky ended up having a secret
sexual encounter with Juan Antonio. Vicky, overwhelmed
and deeply infatuated with Juan Antonio failed to disclose
to Cristina that she had sex with Juan Antonio.

Cristina also fell deeply in love with Juan Antonio and
moved in with him for the summer. Cristina explored her
sexuality with Juan Antonio.  Juan Antonio's ex-wife, Maria
Elena (Penelope Cruz),  moved into Juan Antonio's home
shortly afterwards. The trio had an "open sexual
relationship" and become lovers.  Cristina, realized that
she enjoyed the love and the sexual intimacy of both a
man and woman. This experience taught her more about
herself and especially her own expectations of love.

Although, at the end she still had uncertainty about what
she truly wanted when it came to love, Cristina, by the end
of the summer ended her love affair with Juan Antonio and
Maria Elena and once again was in search of what she
desired in love.

She knew what she didn't want, but just didn't know what
really wanted when it came to love.

What makes this film interesting is the reflective male
narrator who narrates the characters feelings, actions and
desires throughout the movie. I was not bothered by this all
of the time, but at times I found his narrative rather dry and
distracting.  The cinematography of the film was good. The
overall erotic appeal of the movie could have offered more.
There were no nudity in the sex scenes. But there were
definitely some delectable and loving kissing scenes which
included loving gestures exchanged between Cristina and
Maria Elena during their female on female "love

If you are a Woody Allen fan you will love this film. I
applaud him for being bold enough to make a film that did
a great job in exploring love, sex and lust. And in the end it
makes one think about which of the three weighs more
than the other.

Four Stars Out of Five

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted April 2009
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