YPF is a funny yet sexy film about young people in very
sexy situations. YPF stands for Young People Fu*king --

The movie title insinuates that the film has a lot of sex in
it, but instead you find a story about five couples who find
themselves in very interesting situations and
predicaments when they decide to try something new
when it comes to sex.

The movie is more about the relationships and dialogue
between the couples than the sexual encounters. I think
that many people could identify with the film because it
depicts an honest yet sexy look into sex and how sex is
not always like the glossy sex scenes in Hollywood
movies, but is sometimes clumsy, funny, uncomfortable,
kinky and unpredictable

One of the five couples was a
threesome between two
male roommates and the girlfriend of one of the
roommates. The other four include: A couple who were
ex lovers trying to reconnect through sex, A couple who
co-workers on a first date, long time friends trying
to see if their friendship is more than platonic, and a

romantic couple
wanting to spice up their boring sex life.

The movie outlined several stages of sex throughout the
movie and it was even labeled throughout the movie as:
Foreplay, Sex, Interlude, Orgasm, and Afterglow. I think
the director did a descent job in depicting each stage of
sex through the very candid but often times hilarious
dialogue between the characters.

The sex scenes are rather light-hearted. I can only think
of one sex scene in the movie between the ex-lovers that
got me really excited, but can think of multiple scenes
that had me laughing, and even giggling at how
unpredictable sex can be. I think that everyone could
identify with at least one of the couples in the movie.

There was very little nudity in the film. By the time the
movie is near the end, the couples realize that
communication was just as an important part of their
relationships than sex. I enjoyed the film not only
because it showed an honest view of sexual encounters  
but effectively used dialogue to discuss the reality of
different types of relationships while also making fun at
the complexities involved with sex.

This film is more funny than erotic.  If you are looking for
a sexy but funny comedy, than this may be the film for

Four stars out of five.   

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted July 2009
Movie Review:

Martin Gero




Velocity /

Movie Rating:
Not Rated

Run Time:
91 minutes

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