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Sassy Vee is a Singer Songwriter who started in the
"Entertainment Industry" when she was very young at the
age of nine, and recorded professionally for the first time
at the age of 18

Sassy currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She is one of those artists who could easily fit into almost
any category because her voice is not raunchy enough to
be consider rock, but  seemingly appealing enough to be
considered pop rock — with elements of jazz.

Despite her tendency to crank music that is
"experimental" - perhaps because she is looking for an
audience that appeal most to her unique style, Sassy
Vee's lyrics and music is likeable.

Her music seems to be very dreamy and inspiring almost
as if she's soul searching within herself through her music
and allowing the audience to take that journey with her.
The journey it seems to be very sobering yet mellow.

Sassy has worked various music gigs to pay her bills and
have also worked in radio.  

More recently after posting a rant on Youtube Sassy had
the opportunity to work with Mihkil Gipson & Ricky Parker
With Beat Mkr Muzik and just recorded a new song called
“All I Have To Say”at the “Dirty Martini Lounge” in the
“Rated Z Recordz“ studio with music producer Johnny Z
thanks to the support of GJ. Carson Owner of “www.  and Father Pone with Hill Money

Holding a low profile, it's hard to find her on the internet,
but if you look close enough, you can find her on
Myspaceand Facebook

I have no problem with her voice or music for that matter.
I only wish that there was a little more to compare in terms
of availability on the net. Hopefully, we'll hear more from
Sassy Vee and her music in the future.

To find out more about her music and album you can
contact her online at

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted September 2010
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