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Redlight’ Shiela’s Diary

Since I’ve been doing something for DVD Anime hentai for awhile now, maybe now is as
good a time as ever to just focus on the printed matter of adult hentai entertainment, hence
Paper Pleasures

Manga, Mangaerotica, Eurotica, Amerotica, etc. All that is printed is reviewed here.

Let’s get right down to it since time is of the essence.

Sexy Fruits’ Cool Devices

Three Bunny Girls out of Five Kitty Girls  

Even in Anime/Manga Erotica there is an “Essentials” list. A list of series, both anime and
manga, that is often recommended by many over the years as worth owning. One of these is
the Anime series Cool Devices, which not so recently enjoyed an Anniversary re-release to
DVD (originally it was out on VHS for the record). This, however, is the review of the manga
series… whether or not it lives up to expectations is something I may not be able to entirely
answer, as I have NOT seen any of the Anime Episodes to date, but I can tell you what I
thought of the manga episodes (which you should be able to find by now in Trade Paperback

Issue #1 (5)

Let’s break this down to it’s simplest explanation.

Jerk-o pretty boy loser is playing with his new female “bunny” sex slave when this woman
shows up, and helps him in a threesome. Then, that night, she (as a kitty girl) sneaks in and
tries to get it on with the bound and caged bunny girl before her “master” catches her and
rapes her on bunny girl’s cage. Simple, eh?

Issue #2 (5)

First half is about how jerk-o guy from Issue #1 finally sexually penetrates his bunny girl
slave for the first time and… you know.

Second half has same bunny girl (now actually intelligent and no longer in a bunny outfit)
tutoring a guy (probably going to become the loser we’ve seen all last issue and this one)
which turns from tutoring to sex.

Issue #3 (5)

All about the teacher and student from last issue, and lots of sex with guy’s girlfriend and
then a sex slave woman locked up in a water closet… bleah.

Issue #4 (5)

Have you been waiting for something sexy? Here you go.

High school students in love, which leads to hot sex… which may be all in somebody’s mind
because somebody is… well… dead. Spiritual sex at it’s kinkiest I suppose.

Then some boy gets caught by a hot AD&D female fantasy girl and then there’s sex, including
a surprising twist… unless you’ve saw it coming then it’s not so surprising that you get it
stuck to you in the end.

And yes, that’s a hint.

Issue #5 (5)

One more spin with the ghost from Issue #4, and how she is going to end up helping the
significant other of the story move on with a new significant other (from what I got from the

Nice story.

And that, as they say, is that. Five issues, in brief. So let’s wrap it up.

Cool Devices Breakdown

Hentai Hot

The first half of the Cool Devices manga (that made it to English translation to date) is rough
and tumble stuff with only a minor smathering of consentual. The second half, however,
fares better with more consentual (and probably more appealing if you’re not into the whole
slavery sex thing) sex.

It has something for the rough sex and soft sex types, so basically you have a bit of
everything here in five issues. Not enough, I suppose, but a good smathering for several
different types of readers.

Hentai Not

Believe it or not I don’t think there is a not here to be complaining about. I wasn’t big on all
the content but then again it did have some appealing content so… well… for me it’s
average. But, mind you, you might have a more warmer reception to this when (and if) you
can find this. Actually more if than when since this might not be an easy title to pick up, who

Sexy Bytes

Issue #4 & #5.

Scary Bytes

Issue #1 & the first half of Issue #2... Oh, and Issue #3.


Considering I liked… hmm… 50% of the content? I guess then giving this a 50% even
average score would be par for the course. Of course others who know the Cool Devices
franchise better would probably be giving this a stronger 4 out of 5... But that’s not me, sorry.

So being fair and even handed, let’s get Cool Devices (the manga -- at least to the extent as
the manga presently available in English) 3 bunny girls out of 5 kitty girls.

Redlight’ Sheila’s Diary V. 1 (3)

3 free nipple piercings out of 5 advanced sex slave lessons

Finding lesbian erotica is a downright hard task it seems.

While you can find a large large large smathering of gay male on male titles it seems it’s a
rarity when you can find a title that is 100% lesbian erotica. Finding this was a fluke,
approving of it, however, is a hardship.

Sheila is a witch… litterly. Not the witch as in the evil pissy 24/7 angry person witch but the
“Charmed” slash “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Willow loves Tara” witch.

Presently she has a sex slave (who is quite loyal to Sheila and abit goofy in the head after
being a love slave for however long) but she has gotten bored of her (feel sorry for the
goofy love slave). Ideally, mind you, Sheila can’t go putting an ad in looking for
a replacement female as her newly employed sex slave who’ll work for “love” (and semi
public sex opportunities), so she has to find one.

It doesn’t take her long to find a ripe fresh high school girl that fits her needs, and then it’s
off to the training course as she does the whole sex slave training thing (lesbian style)
including a ton of virgin breaking and appreciation of semi public sex 101... And then it stops.

Eventually the book ends, and you are told there SHOULD be two more volumes… yeah…
however it’s been awhile since Sheila’s Diary V. 1 came out, and while places like Right Stuf
International (where I do all my reviewing purchasing, bless you TRSI) do have the two titles
listed… they’re also listed as on order from the manufacturer for a “release date” of
December 12th 2012... I.e. they’re not coming out anytime soon.

I don’t know why only one volume of Sheila’s Diary came out, and I don’t know why nobody is
working to get more out… maybe it’s because this is downright disturbing at times and abit
harsh to boot.

Breakdown will prove that out.

Sheila’s Diary Breakdown the 1st(?)

Hentai Hot

Well I’ve been talking up the need for lesbian erotica and I guess this fills it… kinda…
sorta… not really.

Well, at least it’s something, and right now something is better than nothing (and it has a few
moments here and there worth talking about).

Hentai Not

HOWEVER abit of this stuff is hardcore rough and tumble sex slave hardcore sex! I mean
really! There’ll be blood (abit), forced sex, light (or mid level) bondage and the “corruption”
of a woman into a sexually willing sex partner. If you were hoping for a totally 100%
consentual love story like those gay men on men stories where there’s all this pure
Harlequin Romance hot love that isn’t all torture and rape then you might be… no, make that
you WILL be dreadfully disappointed. This isn’t a budding love story between women, not by
a long shot.

Sex Bytes

Occasionally a scene might have a touch of sensuality and soft touch sex that isn’t all rough

Scary Bytes

However that is too few and far between. Maybe later volumes soften up Sheila’s bite and
they actually melt into a consentually pleasurable love that is more soft and pleasant than
rough and violating… but good luck seeing that content as there isn’t any plan for these
volumes to see the light of day in English translation that I know of.


If the title wasn’t so rough I could have scored higher.

If it didn’t stop so suddenly and we saw signs of the coming of Sheila’s Diary V. 2 & 3 then I
might have scored it higher, on the hope that future Volumes soften Sheila’s rough touch
(near the end of Volume 1 you might even think that Sheila is slowly beginning to get turned
on by her new “toy” that she might actually start seeing her as a woman instead of a sexual

If only there was more hope for it being more soft touch than the violating thrust it had abit
of then I would have scored higher.

However, as it stands, I’m going to split the difference and give this an even average score.

A three… out of five.

Next Month…

Wow! We actually wrapped early and can talk up next month.

Next time out I’m turning my eye towards Icarus Publishing, and I’ll have my first batch of
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That’s that otherwise. Take care and we’ll be flipping through the pages again next time. See
you then.
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