I Made Love To Darth Vader
by Ramona Thompson

Seduced by the dark side
The force
Too strong to resist
As his hands slowly
So very slowly
Touched and brought alive
My virgin flesh
I could't hold back
I could not say no
I made love to Darth Vader

That deep voice
So sweet
Invading my senses
My thoughts surrending to his
As he lay me back onto his bed
In his private chambers
Teaching me just how to please my jedi master
I made love to Darth Vader

Never felt anything so good before
For him
I would and did do anything
To please
Taking such utter and complete pleasure
In hearing his moans and signs
As I took into my mouth
His full and aching light saber
I made love to Darth Vader

Afterwards the dark lord offered me his all
Even his Deathstar
If only I would stay
Just a little bit longer
How sad for him
That I had another on my mind
Had the father
Now I want the son as well
Those Skywalker boys sure do know how to turn a
lady on

As I found out
On the night that.....

I made love to Darth Vader
About Ramona Thompson:
Ramona Thompson has been writing for over 20 years.

Her past publishing credits include appearances in such high profile ezine as
Justus Roux Erotic Tales and The Sensual Venus website for women amoug
many others.

Her most recent and upcoming published appearances include poetry in Erotic
Tales 2, Chaotic Dreams, Bareback Magazine, Night To Dawn and Twisted
Tongue Magazine.

Ramona has also interviewed many up and coming talents including erotic author
Justus Roux, metal band Boiler, ex Power Ranger actor Matt Austin and many

In her spare time Ramona enjoys singing and watching horror films.

Readers and fans are always welcome to write to her with their comments at
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