Abstract Lust
by Alyx Rayn

Your eyes speak to me with no words
By way of your hands serenading every inch of me
My body melts between your palms like chocolate
Yet I taste like caramel
Is it my succulent lips?
Perhaps my curvaceous hips
That gravitates you to my honeycomb hideout
As we stand before each other in this heated moment
It is so pleasing
When your tongue is teasing
Navigation through my sultry jungle
Finding your way to my pulsating honeysuckle
Simultaneously we indulge one another
In search of new found places to lay gentle touches
Unearthing a tranquil essence of lust in the air
As we climax into a sea of passion
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Alyx Rayn Bio
Born in Washington, DC Alisha Ridley-Frost who goes by the pen name Alyx Rayn
began writing as a young teenager writing boldly about life and love.  She found it
easy to note her rough teenage life however as she got older and began
understanding her own real life experiences, finding it easy to speak of love and
erotica using poetry as her platform.

Alyx Rayn does not stop there as she also indulges in short erotica stories.  She
believes your mind's eye can be more erotic and arousing than anything and
shares short stories filled with passion, fantasy and intrigue. This vivid author gives
you a full look into what she tends to call urban erotic writing and real life poetry in
hopes of tantalizing your imagination and desires and that will remain her focus.

Alyx Rayn is married with a step daughter currently residing is the DC Metropolitan
area. Along with writing she also works full time and also working along side her
husband on an entertainment company.