by Anthony J. Langford

His thrusts were fierce
Demeaning or Dominant
Point of view required
In control nonetheless
He raised himself up over her
Brought her head to his groin
And jerked off
Into her open mouth.                 

She placed her hand on his thigh
Looking up at him
At once despising
And admiring
A worship
A sacrifice
A victim
All at once.

It was a dinner party he had dreaded
The schmooze
The bullshit
With people he did not like
Gatherings over two did not bode well
Yet his table placement was by a red head
A colleague he had known of
And was surprised to learn
Soon developed a kinship with.

It was the beginning.

She tuned into
The group conference call
Muted and laid back
Corporate speak
Enough to prompt questions
Of herself
How she had dragged behind
Too many commitments
Too much following
Which spawned an idea
That may indeed relate
These stilted stale hearts.

Idea of the month
At least
On the surface
Anthony J. Langford lives in Sydney, writes novels, stories, poetry and creates
video poems. He is a 2014 Pushcart Prize Nominee. Recent publications include
Vavavya, The Stray Branch and The Glass Coin. He works in television and has
made short films, some screening internationally. A novella, Bottomless River
(2012) and a poetry collection, Caged without Walls (2013) are out through
Ginninderra Press.

Much of his work at
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