Aching For Me
by Charles Arnold
I can’t help myself
But I seem to be sucked farther down
Inside your gapping hole
My manliness will accompany you
And give you a shelter
For your naked soul
I want to open you up
So you can take me whole
I feel at home
When we become one
You make me whole
You are my angel
And I am ready for you
To spread your wings
And wrap them around me
I am waiting for them to unfold
I want to make you
Feel like heaven
That is my lifetime goal
I just want you to get on top of me
I promise that I will be able
To carry the entire load
You impregnate my thoughts
And I give birth to orgasms in my brain
It makes me want to pull you closer
And grab you like I’m insane
Your aching is like thundering
I can’t wait for you
To cum down
So I can taste your rain
Promise you will bathe me with it
Baptize my soul
And save me with it
Charles wrote his first poem when he was in the 3rd grade. It was about his first
girlfriend he was going with at the time. Charles has been in love with writing
ever since. His teacher at the time was very impressed by his poem and she
told him one day that he would be up there with the greats like Langston
Hughes. Charles began to  write again when he was 13 and at that time got into
it seriously He has been writing just about everyday since then. Charles is now
22. He wants to touch the lives and hearts of people with his poetry.

Charles is quoted in saying: "If I could just write one poem about something that
affected them in there life. I would feel that they experience I when through while I
was writing that poem was well worth it. If people could take a little from my
poem through the rest of their lives and not forget it. I would feel like my mission
is accomplished. I feel that God gave me this gift for a reason and I am definitely
going to use it.."

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