A Drop of Water...
by Mirek  Drozd©

I would like to be ....a drop of water
on your skin
so sweet
to kiss
so transparent
how the sincerity of words
which I assemble for you
in every second
reluctance to my world
bought for “I promise...”

stop me

the string of shapely eye-lash
I desire to fulfil myself
greeness of your glance
do not kill me
by meeting of lips
let them to become
- like by kiss -

[ I want to be pink... ]

permit me
to hang on top of
Your breast
to feel this fulfilment
so sudden – is it me..?

conceal me
in the shell of your navel
I would like to rest
before the most important meeting

I slip off
of a stem of hair
which is the closest line
to your sweet recess
open yourself

- please -

breadthwise of the drop
my joyful evaporation
in warmth of your interior
will fulfil it along banks...
I will tell only myself
about a mad trip
over a woman's skin
which I met

when I’ll drop again
[ and again ]
until to complete exhaustio
I will tell only myself
a tale from the warm interior
about a woman
which said
- write something inside me -
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