by KImberly D. Davis
Two lovers together, staring at each other, remembering their
moments of happiness;
They're sitting side by side enjoying the presence of each other,
wishing that moment could never end;
She whispers to him her loving thoughts and he responds with a
He whispers to her his loving thoughts and she responds with a
She slowly slides on him sitting on his lap, while they sheepishly
exchange glances;
She leans toward him, as he motions her to give him a hug,
Then they are entwined in a moment of passionate kissing;
Her movements awaken another part of him, causing him to
He stops her, opens his eyes to realize he's not alone;
He, too, has awakened her inner wantings, isn't this the making
of a
love story!
She maneuvers herself so that she is able to strip him of his
and he in return does the same;
She slides down onto him, hearing the smallest sound escape
his throat,
Back and fourth she moves, creating ecstasy,
Back and fourth he moves, in rhythm with her,
Back and forth they go enjoying each moment, first slowly, then
Isn't this the making of a love story!
Slowly but quickly, they both release, expressing their satisfaction
almost instantly,
She looks at him and him at her, pondering over what they had
They part with words of love to continue on at another time with
love story.

©2006 by KImberly D. Davis
All rights reserved.
Kimberly D. Davis was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia in 1976 along with a twin brother. After
graduating from high school, she went on to attend Georgia State University from 1995 to 1996. At
that point she chose to join the Air Force so she could travel around the world. She left for basic
military training only to return ten days later to attend her twin brother, Kentrall Dwayne Davis’s
funeral. She then finished her basic military training and headed overseas to see the world but to
also continue her college education. Her journey began in Japan and took her to Korea, Turkey,
Germany and Hawaii. All the while, she focused on her dreams of getting a college degree and
starting a writing career. In December 2003, she completed her bachelor’s degree with Saint Leo.
She took 2004 to recuperate and turn focus on her writing. In 2005 she went back to school and
completed her MBA with American Intercontinental University (AIU) and left the military. In 2006 her
new journey in writing began.
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