A Lustful Encounter
by Sweetaspie ©

Snuggled in my bed, lying on my belly
Hot and ready as I wait for my lover.
He enters the room hungry for lust,
Letting out a sigh, he pulls back the

He sees that I am naked and already
My hand is playing as I reach
He sees my fingers touching and
stroking my clit,
He gazes upon me, biting his lip with
his teeth.

He tells me to spread my legs apart
And raise my ass in the air.
He wants to see me touching myself,
As he unzips his pants, he settles in a

I do as he says and open wide for him,
Showing him what he craves to see.
He strokes his cock as he lustfully
He knows what he needs and wants is

He tells me to dip my fingers inside,
First one, then two, then three,
He likes watching me bury them deep,
He tells me to get up on my knees.

Slamming my fingers in and out,
He calls me a slut as they slide.
He wants me to touch my ass for him,
Seeing me put my finger inside.

I obey him like a good little bitch,
His wish is my command,
I finger my ass, and start to moan
As he comes closer to stand.

He spanks my ass as he leans over me,
To dip his head for a lick.
He pushes my as high in the air,
As I begin to stroke his prick.

He devours my pussy, like eating a
As I writhe and grind on his face.
I let out a scream as he licks my ass,
I love to feel his tongue in that place.

He licks and sucks as I beg for more,
All I want is to suck on his cock.
I beg and plead to have him in my
As I stroke him, he is hard as a rock.

He throws me down hard on the bed,
Telling me he is going to fuck my face.
Putting one leg on each side of my
He enters my mouth as he holds me in

Thrusting in and out, barely able to
He rocks against me setting a paced
His cock is in the back of my throat and
I gag,
My saliva is dripping like a fucking

It turns him on to see me like this,
Squirming beneath him, delivering long
Faster and faster, he moves in and out,
Pulling out just before he makes me

Moving down to the edge of the bed,
I am moaning and groaning with desire.
With a quick motion his fingers dive in
my cunt,
Making me scream, setting my pussy
on fire.

I want him to fuck me, I have to have
him now,
He is teasing me, but I just want more.
I tell him to fuck me, and that I need his
I order him to take me like a little whore.

He takes his cock in his hand, slapping
my pussy,
I am raising my hips with sexual greed,
He puts in the tip and then quickly pulls
Waiting for me to beg and plead.

He finally slams inside me, filling me up,
I feel like I have waited so long.
Our bodies move so naturally together,
Like melody and harmony in a song.

We share a kiss so deep and intense,
His tongue and lips wrapped with mine
Our eyes lock in a sensual stare,
Becoming one, completely intertwined.

We fuck, and make love for hours on
And he tells me he has to cum,
I open my mouth wanting a taste,
I beg him to let me have some.

He shoots his load in my mouth,
As I greedily drink and suck,
When he is done, I push him down,
and tell him to get ready for another
©2006 by Sweetaspie
All rights reserved.
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