By Tonya Reed

My dreams are dominated with
flickering pictures of your body
writhing and undulating over mine.
The sheen from your sweat,
makes you seem as if you just stepped from the
And I want to lick you and taste of the salty brine. taste sweet like wine.
I savor you.
I want to keep the essence of you on my tongue.
You squirm as I lick yor spine.
But you don't know that I've just begun.
I want to make you come
closer to heaven and kiss the sky.
Say "Sweeeet Jesus!"
as you release your primal cry.
Ssssnaking,Ssssslipping and Sssssliding.
Save me from dying,
but not being in your arms
is worse than death.
It's a pain that
I haven't been able to describe yet.
All I know ist that I wake up
with this dull ache in me.
It's the pain of ....Anticipating Ecstasy


Can I be your Cockring?
Applying ecstatic pressure
To increase your pleasure
Beg me for release.
Do you want to play?
Are you worthy?
Will you...obey?
Better yet resist.
Its futile anyway.

I ...will possess
Your Soul.
As you lose yourself in
The Black hole.
Can I be yours

Wet Dream?
No whip cream.
Melted Butter.
Pour it on each other,
Let it drip from butterscotch nips,
To tongue and lips.

So good,
Ass cheeks grips sheets,
Pain is sweet,
Praying for slow death

Through clenched teeth.
As tongue tortures virgin landscapes.
I am your silk scarves,
Four poster queen.
explore what get us the wettest.

more than just your Freak.

I am...your ...Fetish.
©2006 by Tonya Reed
All rights reserved.
Tonya Reed is a 33yr  old mother of two residing in Sayreville, NJ.  She
has been writing poetry since 2000 and regularly attends open mic
shows throughout the NY/NJ metropolitan area. Tonya is also a partner in
Sound Life Entertainment, LLC, black owned entertainment and talent
agency.  She is currently in the process of writing a manuscript for her
first novel, entitled "Keeping Secrets".
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