A Penis, a Tongue and a Heart Walk into a Bar . . .
by Damon Norko

My loins have a hole in them;
what am I to do?
My penis is apart from me:
it wants to be part of you.

I think the yearning to be free
is really all they need –
When hosts become inferior,
they tug until they bleed.

Mine tried to woo away the tongue,
and did so, with caress –
The tongue – so quiet all this time! –
Made one last address:

One long-lost speech in an empty room –
where it tried to woo my heart,
But my rented organ stuck with me,
where it plays a greater part.

For hearts to beat, they need to eat –
and hearts, they love a fool!
And the natural opiates in my spine
are the tastier fuel . . .

Now, my tongue wagged wonderful songs of woe
as it chugged out on its own,
My penis left without a glance;
So one abdicates a throne.

And the heart once sheared become endeared
to a body wracked with need
This brand new being loves suffering;
it is the price of freedom.

Damon Norko © 2014, 1992
Some would call me the original self-publisher -- I published and sold a couple
thousand poetry chapbooks in the 80s, culminating with Alias Art Mann (1985)
and The Glue Story (1990), published by Cherry Valley Editions.Many people
remember me stumping around the MD-DC area with a "Poems for Sale" sign
on my back. I split my time between poetry and song-writing for my rock band,
The Submensas (1983-1993). Songs from this era can be found at
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