by Matthew Wright© (written for Da_Beazt)

Ashley, I wanted to tell you that I need you so much
I cannot wait until I can again feel your touch
Our bodies tangled and twisted together all night
I just cannot think of a more beautiful sight.

I want to feel you all over me
And I crave to bring you to new heights of ecstasy.
I know what to do to make you cum and cream
But my neighbours are complaining at how you moan and

I love how my fingers thrust in so deeply inside
But it's more than just sex, my feelings won't subside.
When your body begins to shake and mysteriously quiver
I can feel you grip onto me and your juices flow like a river.  

Envisioning holding you down so you can't get away
Your intensity teases me and I beg you to stay.  
I yearn to spread your thighs so open and wide
As I thrust myself deep into you, filling you with my pride.  

In the dead heat of the night, you've become my refreshing rain
And I've never heard octaves like how you scream my name.  

As I plunge deep inside you, your hips I must hold
To keep you where I want you, so your insides I can mold.
Our bodies now glistening, and dripping with sweat
I want deeper in your soul to explore all your depth.  

The harder and deeper we continue to go
The more your insides will crave my flow.  
I will patiently await when we shall require no protection
And you are the only person from whom I need attention.

You willingly slide down, and your mouth opens wide
Then you grab my cock and put it inside..
Your mouth so warm and feels so right
I can't help but pull on your hair slick tight

The deeper you take me into your throat
I wish this was real and not just something I wrote.
I feel myself ready and wanting to explode
So I'll gently pull out and shoot you down with my load.

We collapse on top of each other, for a short while
But my intuition tells me you're ready to go that exta mile.
Just thinking about the way you work your hips
Kills me with passion and I just want you to kiss.

Everything you do to me makes me need you more
And I am going to end this here, because you're at my door.
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