As I Touch Myself
by rarebreed21 ©

"As I touch myself"
I find myself drifting to memories of you slowly undressing
yourself. You don't know I'm watching. Perhaps I shouldn't
be looking but I can't tear my eyes away.
Your blouse, dainty and light in its material, I wish it were
my fingers removing the buttons.

"As I touch myself"
I drift back to memories of you lying on your bed. Totally
assured that everyone is asleep, engulfed in your own
Circling your nipple with so light a touch from your finger.
Gentle squeezes as you arch your back. I'm wishing it were
my hand slowly sliding down your rippled stomach.
I smile as I remember seeing you totally shaven, my
curiosity answered.

"As I touch myself"
I remember the smell of your freshly worn panties. Your
scent so strong in them, he had you so turned on. I
imagine it's me kissing you softly behind the ear. It's me
sliding my tongue from your neck to your chin. It's me you
wrap your arms around, and pull close to you as I stroke
you through your panties.
I remember inhaling deeply the aroma of your juices left
staining the cotton material.

"As I touch myself"
I'm taken back to the night you were so turned on, so
oblivious. You were un-satisfied, drunk out of your mind. I
was drunk out of my mind with lust. I'm sitting there, on the
end of your bed, watching. Even the memory brings a
tinge of guilt, and I touch myself more. You knew I was
watching you touch yourself, and you let me watch. My
mouth began to water.

"As I touch myself"
I match my own strokes to yours. Your fingers glide so
easily over those full pussy lips. You are so wet, so
aroused. I remember smelling you up close for the first
time. You offer your fingers to me. I'm turned on even
more. I touch myself faster. I taste you for the first time. I
could've sucked those fingers forever. You moan as I slide
my tongue between your fingers. I moan at the memory.

"As I touch myself"
I stroke harder, and faster, just thinking about you. My
heart races as you reach for my hand. You pull me
towards you. Your hands are like pillows of cotton touching
the sides of my face. Your lips touch mine and no longer
able to hold back, I soak my boxers with my own cum.

"As I touch myself"
I smile. I remember the promise made that no one could
ever know. Knowing that what we were doing was wrong on
so many levels, but so right in its purity and love. My lips
kiss yours. Not like a little brother kisses his big sister, but
like two lovers lost in passion. You show me how to make
my tongue dance with yours. I love you now more then

"As I touch myself"
I think back to your words, "tonight you become a man." I
still feel my lips kissing your neck. Savoring your sweaty
taste. Kissing your chest, your breast. Devouring your
nipple like a hungry child. Your moans guided my every
move. I feel the heat of your forbidden passion drawing me
lower. I don't have a clue what to do, but I dive in

"As I touch myself"
I can still feel myself, beginning to rise again as I dab my
tongue onto your wet pussy lips for a taste test. Not
knowing what to expect. Finding out I love your taste. I
listen for your moans of approval as I slide my tongue
down the center of your pussy lips and back up again.
Remembering you spreading your lips and telling me to
lick now. I moan as my tongue explores its first juicy hole.
The first of many I'm hoping.

"As I touch myself"
I can still feel your warm juices flooding my mouth, my
tongue probes have hit the spot and my constant flicking
of your clit have brought you to climax. My fingers, two of
them inside you, bring you to another climax. I am floating
with pride knowing it was my tongue, my fingers, my
desires; that made you cum. I feel my own need to cum
building inside me.

"As I touch myself"
I follow your every lead as you pull my head back up your
body. My mind racing with anticipation as you reach down
and remove my soaked boxers. My heart pounding as you
grasp my adolescent hard on. Your gentle strokes prepare
me for my initiation. I welcome your touch with blind moans
of my own.

"As I touch myself"
My pace is quickened, I stoke harder. The tip of my
manhood is pressing against your swollen pussy lips. I
know I'm teetering on the brink. I thrust my hips forward as
you guide me in to paradise. Your moans of pleasure set
my body on fire. The sensation is so great I have to grab
hold of you to steady myself. Your gentle words of
encouragement reassure me that all will be okay.

"As I touch myself"
I stroke faster, harder, remembering the pace you set for
me. My hips match your hips. When you push, I pull back.
When I thrust, you slam your ass into the bed. Your
muscle control massages my dick like a seasoned pro. I'm
your puppet and you show me the precise way to move.

"As I touch myself"
I feel myself giving in to the urge building deep from within.
The same urge that you brought out of me that night. My
balls felt like they were aflame, my thighs tensing up. My
entire body becomes rigid as I give in to the passion that
begs to erupt from me. You sensing my impending
eruption grab my ass and pull me deep inside you. I

"As I touch myself"
My hand feels my dick tense up in preparation. My mind
reflects on the muscles in between your legs gripping me,
stroking me, milking my manhood for its load. Willingly, with
clenched teeth, stiffened thighs, and curled toes. I comply.

You're whispering words of encouragement in my ears.
Your hands are gently caressing my back. You are
touching my very soul with love.
"As I touch myself"
Rarebreed21 was born and raised in San Diego where he enjoys spending his free time
with his wife and 2 children. He began his adventures in writing in 1985 and has been
writing every since. His creativity is his outlet for stress, and more recently he's
discovered a love of writing erotica both reading and writing.
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