A Speck of Sindoor And The Secret to Lasting Love
By Kalyani Rajalingham

Let me tell you my dear of the secret to true lasting love;

“Never Shall I let Pow’r Almighty rule my heart
Nor let the shine of gold tame my dart
Never shall I shun the maker of my virtues, Nor hide my hand
Should he need my warmth
Never Will I shun his fingers when he wishes to keep his lust away from the
touch of frost
I lurk beneath, As though there never was
But you may find me in his work, his ways and his words
I Grace him with the will to strive
And the zeal to bring forth all his hidden skills
Never to him would I hide my face
My judgments, my views, my skills and my history to him are known
Along with my bold’d flaws for him to pick upon

I am his support and shelter, Am I not the source of all his powers?
And should he fall crush’d, I re-write his soul’s memory and awaken his faith
So that he may never shed another drop of tear or be shaken by fear
A feeder when his Manly pride prevails
And his poem when like a child he flaunts his peacock’s tail for praise
And quietly with a single smile my heart he sways
He may venture far from my shore
Away from my sight, Away with lore
And though there I never may be
I am tuck’d beneath his arm
As his thoughts will quicken to clutch my hand, his guide
While  I to him dictate the way, I have unsurpass’d command
What have I to fear? I wish to be his body’s only heart
Pulsing to the beat of his mood, Singing to his tempo and tune
And In the palm of my hands, Till my very grave
I will hold his follies, his sins, his glories and its groans
Ah! But flow’ry hills have their slippery rocks
And it is a woman’s patience that can withstand it all in all
The sweet needs the sour, like poison needs its cure
For only they can tame each other
Like hand and glove, the both of us like shield and sword
Dearest, A woman must learn to bend as she goes forth
For she, like old scriptures, will be the shrine where bleeding hearts fall

Ah! What a heavy burden indeed that my duty bids
But for the love of my life, I know I can withstand it all

Love him with your life my dear
And he will worship you as his soul’s overseer”

This my dear Is all that there is to keep true love
Till the end of your days on this bless’d old world!
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About Kalyani Rajalingham:
Kalyani is of Indian origin but origanlly from Montreal. She speaks English,
French, Spanish. Her latest publication: 'Little black book of poetry: Past
Masters and contemporary artists', 'Immortal Verses'.

Kalyani's hobbies include: Shopping, Learning to play her Veenai which is her
favorite instrument.