by loveangelique©

There's a life.size box in the middle of your floor
You see it as soon as you walk in the door
It is bright red in colour, with a huge red bow
And you wonder how it got there though

Walking over to the box, you approach it with care
Thinking about what is in it, you continue to stare
You hear a little rustle, and now know it is alive
So you start unwrapping it, as you wish it to survive

As you take the lid off the box, tissue paper you see
White tissue paper with hearts, covering all of me
I feel your hands grabbing it and discover your

When you see it is me, you cannot believe your eyes

I am dressed in a sensual red dress just for you
My make-up and hair is just so perfect too
Lifting me out you hold me so very close
Looking at me with desire, you hand me a red rose

Holding me in your arms gently but oh so tight
You thank me at last for being here within your sight

I know this will be a long night of passion and desire.
And I am so ready darling, of you I will never tire.
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About loveangelique

Loveangelique (Ingrid Barlow)  has been written poetry since she was
about twelve, but not seriously till the last few years.  She has a small
book of poetry published called "In the Mood" , it is a collection of
romantic/sensual poetry, and it is available at Amazon.com.  She is now
working on her second book, and hope to have it done sometime in 2007

You can read more of her poetry at
Starlite Cafe