A Woman's Touch
by Deliciously Naughty ©

The first time I saw you I craved
My confusion was surpassed by desire
Your skin, as soft as mine tempted
Your lips, full as mine enticed
Your long hair enflamed me
And though I’ve never done this
I know what the longing demands

I giggle nervously as your ruby red
Painted nails slide through my hair
My breath comes quicker as your eyes
Catch mine and I feel like I could drown in them
My lips tingle as yours hover over them
And I know I’m under your spell

Is this what men feel when I kiss them?
This helpless longing and uncertainty?
Are my lips this soft and smooth?
Does my lipstick taste like yours or…
Your hand has slid beneath my shirt
And my mind quiets and focuses on your
Ruby red nails pulling the cotton over my head
My bra is opened and my breasts spill out

Your soft smooth lips bend to caress me
I gasp at the tongue that seems to inuit
Where to touch and how much and how long
My eyes close and I lose myself in the feelings
Until I feel your lips move away from me and
Your breasts rub mine, our nipples meeting and flirting
I run my Passion Plum nails down your back
And pull you tight against me

Horizontal now, our jeans gone, our bodies
The same and different at once lay next to each other
I am nervous as I reach out to touch you, and
Nurturing, knowing, you guide me to the same
Hot liquid desire I feel when I touch myself
I touch you the way I’ve always wanted to be touched
And your responses make me bolder

I lean over you and kiss your breasts as my hand
Grows insistent, making you cry out, making you
Call out my name. I kiss your neck, your nipples, your
Stomach, your thighs, wanting, needing, knowing
Somehow just what to do to make your passion
And need awaken and burn for me
I kneel between your silky thighs and hesitate.
You know, and your gentle touch reassures me

I lean down and just look at the wet red flower
That is the essence of you, the center of you
Our eyes meet and desire knows desire
My tongue traces my lips, and then I bend to your
Lower lips, my tongue touching the burning
Hotness of you, tasting the sweetness of you,
Enflaming the senses, making you cry out

Confidence grows and I learn what you want
What you crave, what you need to explode
Your hand finds me, just as wet, just as ready
And your fingers stroke me, tease me, show me
The love that only a woman can give another woman
You come first, your hand trembling as you flood
My mouth with your juices, heightening my arousal
Your hand doesn’t stop until I’ve experiences the same
High as you, orgasm rushing over me, roaring in my head
Pounding in my heart until I am quiet again

Then you hold me, your ruby red fingers gentle,
Your skin as soft as mine, your lips as full
We hold each other and whisper our secrets
The soft covers over us, holding us
Until the desire comes again
This time, a frightened virgin no more, I am
Ready to touch you and be touched by you once again
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©2014 by Deliciously Naughty
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