Baby Do Me
by Bonita Jacobs

Soft music playing on the radio
He lifts me up in the middle of the floor
Pulling my body down to meet his waist
He sucks my bosom, since it's in his face

I scream, I cum, I tremor, until my legs get
Knowing that I wanted much more of what ever
he had instore.
Baby please do me, give your loving to me like
you did before.

He lay me down onto the loveseat
Around my neck you will find my feet
Bodies pounding, moving in and out
Grunting, sounding until he releases a shout

He pumping fast as he's gripping my ass
while telling me how good he feels
Through out the night I hope this moment last
Because he givin me such a thrill

That's right honey, give your body to me
You make scream, as you release your precious
I love the way you do your thing, that's right
honey Do me.....Bonita Jacobs 010106

He Takes Me There

He runs his strong fingers thru my hair
As he grips on with all his might
He's taking me there

Steady he grabs my body tight
With passion in his eyes he stares
Then he works me right
He's taking me there

He lifts my body up in the air
yet when he lays me down
He taking me there

He gives me...Oye....I shall not share
Because when he does me right
He takes me there

He makes my body hot even
when he's not around,
He makes my panties spot
Just waiting to get down

He makes me's just not fair
He makes me scream all night
When he's taking me there...
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