Beautiful Music  
by Amanda Velez

You are a melody
running through my mind.
I cannot get myself to  
hum another tune.
Your melody attracts  
my musical inclination like  
no other song I've heard.
Though I have written  
down the notes to
this lovely piece
in my mind,  
over and over again,  
I am still a little apprehensive  
about playing it aloud.
How could I ever know
if you would allow me to?
But I would love to indulge  
in playing this piece
over and over again.
And I would love to be  
the words to your  
catchy melody.
I'd be glad to let you play  
the keys of my piano,  
if only you'd let me bang
on your very steel drum.
We could be a duet.
Harmonious with every inhale.
In Sync with every exhale.
And, together,
You and I, could make
Beautiful Music.
About Amanda Velez:
Amanda Velez, 24 years old, has been writing since the age of 12,
and has developed a number of writing styles.  She has taught
Creative Writing and English Writing at Fundamentals Learning
Center in Brooklyn.  Her work has been featured in the on-line
magazine,, as well as in the Up-hook Press
Review.  Amanda is also a locally well known Performance Poet in
New York City.  
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