Beauty 1
by N. Harvey©

what is beauty but that holy
inspiration that's given
from one taste of your silky thigh?
why do I feel so driven
to grasp your body in my arms?
you tease the world I live in!

I want to fill you so completely
You seep with emotion,
Feel every inch of you under my
Tongue, forever slow-motion
Entranced by your curves I will not stop
Till your screams run like oceans

Explore the shape of my body
Flowing underneath you
I feel the weight of your figure
You provide the greatest view,
The one I see when I look up
Into your eyes - who knew?

Beauty 2

Beauty is the coming undone of a proud and confident woman
one who is independent,
one who knows how to conduct herself

because in that moment
when she lets you in,
lets you see even a tiny portion
of what's underneath;

when your tongue is riding
riding the smooth recesses of her mouth
she lets down her guard
lets go of her pride
lets down the wall

for a moment

by trusting you with this beauty
she lets closeness abrupt itself upon you
and you find new depths in her eyes
you'd never even dreamed

all that composure
all that confidence
in her

Beauty 3

I love it when she reaches for it like she owns it, when she can’t
hold back, can’t retain control—when she lets the thought
through with the penis, lets it sink in as it presses deep—
irresistible even more to me—that textured skin, the muscle with
the extra shape, tastes like some faraway-seasoned perfume,
incense sparking and dowsing my brain, dowsing and sparking.

Beauty 4

as natural as sap
climbing the veins of a twig
I defy gravity as she
reins my syrups in

Beauty 5

You are the dripping faucet whose pieces piping and
peripherals I would love to inspect and explore and ameliorate
with all the time in the world.
About N. Harvey:
N. Harvey lives near Toronto. He believes that before words can move mountains they had
better move hips.
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