About Andrew Scott:
Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB.  Andrew started writing as a way to
communicate and cleanse his feelings.  The poems written are based on all five
senses of emotion.  They are stories of him and others, based loosely on
conversations and observations.  These are brought to him by visions in his mind
and relating to his characters as they were real people.  Once they are thought of,
these people come to life as their story is told.  The reader can relate as these are
emotions based on everyday life.  

You can hear Andrew each week as part of the Speakeasy family on Sunday nights
at 8:00 EST on Reserve, the show  where you call in to give your writing influences.  
This can be found on

Andrew has a belief that all can relate and should share in these stories as they
have affected him for the better.  All people can contribute to affecting someone’s life
and we should celebrate everyone’s story.   Without them, we would have nothing.  
To contact Andrew, email …
http://myspace.com/ Just A Maritime Boy
Before My Very Eyes
by Andrew Scott

It was happening before my very eyes

Like I was there in the room itself

So confused about what I was seeing and feeling

I saw passion in her eyes as her head went back

Biting her lip, not to fully let it out

Head jerked back by the hand of another

Pulling hair, hand sliding down her face

Losing his fingers in her teeth, between the smile

Body moving up and down

Moans as her nipples were hardened with rough lips

Gown off her shoulders, exposing all

My breathing heavier when her breast was gripped

Tiny droplets of blood on his fingers from a bite

Her back arched further with each tightening thrust

Traces of dragged finger prints with every shift

Sounds louder with every quickening slide

Eyes clinched, mouth opening slightly

Her body intensely shook with an inhumane release

Alone, watching, after my relief at the same sight

My eyes opened
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