Joseph Brooke©

Splintered spine, curved, elongated, erratic and
ecstatic to her own denials, fragile, frail and
frantic naked girl, panicked fingers gripping and
raking the iron bed rails. Black hair, Black pearls,
wet, twisted and hammering down her back, bone
knuckled fists pounding the rivet bed, as body vibes
and yanks its pinions from her core, purrs and moans
blasting from her lungs, as promises break and mend as
her soul so soulfully mourns. Spinning spindle,
spiraling and pouting wept sweet secrets from her
lips, purged from his violent grip, a hard slap, an
artists touch, a sweet reply as hands cable around her
tiny waist as she begs for him to stop, pleads for him
to not, praying he won't listen to her bullshit walk
and just do what ever the fuck he wants, with her as
long as she does not have to talk. A gush of air,
another, a whimper, a shudder and a scream, she can
feel now, his fist, deeper, deeper still, seeking,
probing, elevating her body lithe, breasts and knees,
shins pressed to the white of cotton sheets, slammed
and entombed against the cast of the iron bed .
Impaled, imploded, ignited, lungs bellowing here and
there, now, just there, almost soon, no, yes, no she
screams, lies she can no longer live as her brain
detonates and her mind does fall apart and the light
vanishes from her eyes and she falls a broken dove.

Again, limp now, a white, nude, elegant willow bent
within his arms, eyes open, a smile, breath in
cadence, a steam purr of a lost smile as he lays lips
upon her swollen lips and whispers to her delicate
ear. "Sleep my birthday girl, weep and dream and rest
and allow your mind to pirouette, for when you wake I
will be here and hand to hand we will wander within
your color tantrum world until we find a sun that will
never set."
About Joseph,
Joseph is a painter, ex master of
jewelry and ceramics and of course writer that has
lived in Paris, Milan, Dublin and London for 10 years.
He spent another 15 years travelling the complete
breath of S. America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East
as well as several islands in the Carib. He has had some
success as a screenwriter. Currently he live on a remote
beach in Zipolite Mexico, where he built a house. Joseph has
1000 poems and 6, 500 to 600 page novels completed. His
work is very erotic, very eclectic,  genius, exotically beautiful
and savage, and about  bi-sexual very troubled women.
Joseph writes only for women.  
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