Bonded Chains
by Jennifer Melbourne

Bonded chains
Love retains
As I set your world afire
Build you up with desire
Erotic dancing, even tethered
Like tickling with feathers
Body start shaking
Earth starts quaking
Whips and chains
Entice no blame
Love me, feel me
Come watch and see
Please, show me how much
Pleasure is in your touch
Love retains
Bonded chains

Wet, Wicked & Chained to the Floor

Wet, wicked and chained to the floor…
"Oh" how could anyone ask for more
To have her willingly, to satisfy me
With a sexuality to set me free

With thigh high boots and leather gloves
Please show me how this woman loves
Take her to the highest peak
Where she can’t hold back the treasure I seek

Her sweet nectar, upon my tongue
It wouldn’t take much, but it would be fun
Pulling out the whips and canes
Ensuring her pleasure never wanes

Orgasm builds, she moans out loud
With each new sound, she makes me proud
The more she screams, the more it seems
With our play I fulfilled her dreams
About Jennifer Melbourne:
Jennifer is a single parent of three wonderful boys and work part time as
a receptionist. She is 36years old and live in NSW, Australia. Jennifer
loves to write stories and poems in my spare time. A lot of them are of
the erotic variety. Jennifer joined late last year and
since them have a lot of stuff to share. The screen name that she uses
slipperssun. Jennifer i look forward to writing more. One day she
hopes to get a book of short erotica published.
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