Botticelli’s Ecstatic Tears
Written by Z.M. Wise

These are nights that
bring us closer together.

Behind your natural scent,
sweetest darling thing,
you are most beautiful
when naked.

Your nude form:
symbol of freedom.
Screw the typical
sexist statements and
move on to the
larger scale and picture.

These are the nights that
make me realize…

You’re a what?
Not the what, but
who you are:

Blessing for the nonbeliever,
cure for the ill,
youth for the elderly,
high for the low.

Only tears that you view
are of joy, you Venus, you vision.
Botticelli cries for all
plastic surgery operations.

You need no masking makeup.
Natural, nude beauty is
you in any way you see.

You are the gallery piece that
I wish could be a
three-dimensional portal.

A cross-over for the gentle man,
you cause every hair on the body to
rise…to the occasion of
meeting your neo-body and
lotus petal eyelashes.

With one kiss,
lost the train of thought.
Conductor fell off the tracks and
into your liberty trance.

Clothes restrain us.
Clothes hide the true you.
Call me the affection.
Call me the cuddler.

Call me what happens
when I stay beyond the
morning of refreshment,
holding your form gently
against these hands that
will caress your needing cheeks.

You are the everlasting
flame of the future.
You are always
going to burn brighter than
this life as it so happens.

Bit by bit,
we decimate and ascend to
your platinum heaven.
We are next in line.
About Z.M. Wise: Z.M. Wise is a poet and poetry activist, writing since his first steps as
a child. He has been a written-word poet for almost two decades, and a spoken-word
poet for four years. He is an Assistant Editor of Harbinger Asylum, a Houston-based,
internationally known poetry magazine. He is co-owner of Transcendent Zero Press, an
independent publishing house for poetry, with his dear friend and founder Dustin
Pickering. He hosts a weekly reading at San Jacinto College. His first book of poetry,
'Take Me Back, Kingswood Clock,' published by MavLit, is available as both a hard copy
and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, and Kindle. His second book that was
released by Transcendent Zero Press, 'The Wandering Poet,' is available in both hard
copy and digital form. The motto that keeps him going: POETRY LIVES! Mr. Wise will
make sure to spread that message and the love of poetry, making sure it remains vibrant
for the rest of his days and beyond.
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