by  Athena Marie.©

You stand above me,
tugging my hair
to draw my lips
closer to your will.
And I lay
open like the sky,
awaiting its Masters
splashes of sunrise.
A canvas,
and absorbing
every stroke,
gentle or not,
and seeking only
your design for me.

Awaiting Your Command

Firmly you place your hand,
as I begin to tremble,
awaiting your command.
Through countless doorways
I have walked,
to stand and wait,
kneel and want,
lie and long,
trapped and bound
by yearning,
with invisible ropes
wrapped round my heart,
body burning,
aching to be
trapped and bound
by visible  ropes
wrapped round my wrists.


You stand over me,
hard muscled, tall.
I lie below you,
joyously feeling small,
happy to surrender
this gilded key,
that you may unlock
every part of me.
Yes my Master,
I am yours,
body and soul,
for it is only your love
that makes me whole.
And watching you
possessing me,
through lowered lashes
painted kohl,
I smile simply
yes, my love
you own me,
and for that,
I own the world.

©2006 by Athena Marie.
All rights reserved.
Athena Marie has been writing poetry most of her life, but has only recently begun writing erotica
as a means of exploring her fantasies. She is currently working on a full length erotic novel.
Athena works as a veterinary technician, and lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and
eight pets. You can read more of her poetry at
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