Chance Encounter  
by Katoria Tinsley©

Standing still in the night
I feel a hot, sweet pant against my back
As his hands gently caress the back of my butt cheeks
I bare a slight grin; I know I’m in heat

He whispers, as he gently nibbles on my back
Tonight I’m taking you for a long ride, lay back and
As he slips the blindfold over my eyes, I say I trust
you to make this night complete
A night you won’t soon forget, he repeats

As his hands, begin to play with my breast
His fingers, unbutton my blouse and then my pants
My juice starts to flow and I become wet with
I start a slow winding strip dance

As our bodies, unite
We pause….
And embrace a slow tongue kiss
As we do things, most men wouldn’t dare admit

He kisses the sweat from my brow and licks all of my
womanly dimensions
Feeling his manhood, I open my tights
Wanting him to thrust himself deep inside
Before this happens, let me begin with a sensual treat
Long and thick, I start to lick every inch….

Things too unimaginable to speak
Ladies this man is definitely a freak
Biting my lips, pulling on the sheets a night of
passion, as I start to weep
I awake from my sleep     
Left by myself with nothing but visions and the scent
of you
I smile, as I pull the covers up and embrace the
morning dew
Katoria Tinsley is a native of the District of Columbia now residing in Baltimore County
She has always had a love for writing short stories, plays and poetry. She is the
proud mother of three and wife of Reginald Tinsley Senior. After the birth of their third
child, she was able to regain her passion for writing. Armed with life lessons, a pen
and pad she decided it was time to take the world of poetry by storm. She is currently
working with Michael J. Burt Author and Poet to release her first book of poetry. She
has recently been featured on Michael J. Burt Open Mic 8/2/06, Hipster Haiku to be
released on October 24, 2006, AWHONN poetry corner in June 5, 2006 and Timeless
Voices released in Winter 2006.
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