Cinnamon Blush
by Rhonda Laurel

You send me to heights that I could only compare to…
A horseback ride on a winding trail
A dive off a scenic Hawaiian cliff at sunset
The warmth of a bubble bath in a claw foot tub

My skin throbs as you caress me with your artisan hands
You lick your lips as I dress
Remembering the sweet silky taste that oozed from that can of whipped
we left under the bed
Sweet cream mixed with my delicious perspiration reminiscent in your
You called me your Nubian Ambrosia

Images of lascivious combustion flash through my head worthy of
cinematic censoring.
I arch my leg to retrieve your tie ever so lovingly tied around my ankle.
Your finger trails down my voluptuous frame in search of my heart beat.
I tell you I died a little last night and you sigh.

As we go our separate ways
Both hoping for a repeat performance tonight
You tell me I am beautiful
And I blush.
About Rhonda Laurel:
Rhonda Laurel lives in New Jersey and is pursuing her dream of being an
author.  She began her writing career in 1995 with her first written, first
published short story ‘Playing For Keeps’ in the quarterly review A Place to
Enter.  She has been published in The Writer’s Post Journal, on 400 Words.
com, The Concelabratory Shoehorn Review and Bareback Magazine.
In addition to poetry, she also writes short stories, essays and novels.  She
is currently working on Duality of Love a novel with a compelling heroine
that she hopes to bring to life in the future.
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