by Paula Sfeir©

We mixed colors, being colored
By our orange-red tangerines of joy.
Colors and our variegations faded
When we came scratching our touch.
What is it that we oiled?
Stroke by stroke, we tinted
Us when a touch of black got revealed
By each others caves as we swallow
Our sexual connections near orange
Tints as we did with our manipulations.


How do our sounds multiply? -
On those colors we created.

Step by step we watched how fishes swam
In between my natural colors.
Sour love entered me

Meanwhile, the man in the window pain watched and smiled,
Took his tongue out, delighting.
His hazel eyes flushed by air, ivory-white.

Then came a huge dark sky-
Our touch: whacked and battered.
I could see both of their pricks-

As flowers bloomed – scenting-
I turned myself around,
Moved my bell gum, slowly and deep.

Both got in-
A blue shade protected us.
Near us, whales hued!

His medium pink hand was swaging my small Queen Margot.
My comes, went south.
Did he melt us?

Resting… We licked like kittens.

I have a Petrel

Inside my flower bed, rests a stormy petrel,
That in between a shallow bridge
Moves my constant songs-
As Eros blows transparent winds.

He never pauses, but nests,
Along my thinnest lines,
Kisses without tonguing
And pushes as he comes.

-Till every accord is savored-
And then some bouncing balls-
Frictions near celestial bodies
As I rejoin my walls!

As he and I washes water,
After screams turn one-
Scenting roses near the rain
Near our acts!
Paula's work has appeared or is going to be appearing in S.M.U.T. Magazine,, ,Aesthetica Magazine, Edifice
WRECKED, The Literary Sybarite : Erotic Poetry and Prose Poetic Diversity ,, bluefood , in the Anthology Desconstruction Quarterly ,Zygote in my
coffee ,Word Riot, Auckland Poetry, Outcry Productions and Events Quarterly.Recently
Paula is working on a Erotic Poetry Anthology for publication.

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