Cotton Candy Blues
by M. Alexis.

This is a poem
That sounds something like a song
A melody of midnite thoughts and laughter
Kissed by the delta blues at dawn

A slow, foot thumping drag
With whispers of a sweet, somber scat
Create the background and foundation
Of cotton candy blues;
Teased by last nite's
Lavender affection drowned in caramel warmth
I moaned jazz under moonlight,
And this morning I hum my delta blues
I made music with my thighs
And absorbed his passion through my eyes
Under last nite's guise
Of affection so true
His body made me believe that it was real
His lips gripped my soul
And wrung out the wetness of love
From below
His tongue whispered sincerity deep
Into my flesh and bones
Yes, sultry scat
Becomes a slow dragging/
Swamp sweet blues
The Most High illuminates truth with the sun
And my cotton candy is drenched in regret
Amongst foolish notions
Floating on frankincense memories,
My cotton candy sings the blues.
A deep blues.
A frivolous blues.
An immature blues.
A foolish blues.
A wide-eyed blues…
A thinkin'-with-my-cotton-candy blues.
This blues is sho nuff. This blues is well deserved;
An I-told-you-so juke joint drag
Gilded by ashy fingers on guitar strings.
Heads nodding with eyes closed,
Smokey air softening the flesh
Polished with sweat
This blues is somber sweet, hot and wett.
Crusty with brown sugar and
Syrupy sweet;
Twilight's sultry peach
Sighs an ancient women's song/
Born of the rotting memory of midnite
Cotton candy so sweet.
About M. Alexis:
M. Alexis is a burgeoning fiction writer whose vision is to use her
wealth of global knowledge and personal experience to provide
readers with an unforgettable experience that will create a unique
literary experience for each reader.
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