by Donna Walker©

our hands envelope me
it seems like my whole body is being stretched and pulled
like taffy, but the pain is so exquisite and i
want it to last forever

the smacking sounds, the wet sounds

your hot dry breath

i want to be punished for things i don't even remember
i want to be disciplined and taught
the crack of your crop unleashes
a floodgate of wetness

i can't stand my legs are weak and trembling
i feel so alive and i want you to violate , liberate, penetrate me
with something   anything

yes, master
i understand and i will obey


You Wear It Well

the stiletto heels with the laced up leather straps
the latex dress with its buckles and zippers that cling to your ample,
curvaceous form
the corset caresses your lovely breasts
the gloves that hide your delicate
and masterful hands, skillful instruments of pain
the beautiful choker snug on your swanlike neck
your face plain with the exception of black lipstick
and last is your hair pulled back in a tight bun on top that seems it
would hurt
but that is the icing on a well put together mistress
wearing clothes that make her pets
stiffen and melt at the same time
About Donna Walker

Donna Walker is 36 years old. She has been an erotic poetess for five
years. She resides in the Southeast and enjoys her polyamorous lifestyle
with her husband and lovers.
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