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Josh McIlvain is a playwright, poet and fiction writer and the co-editor of
Philly Fiction, a collection of short fiction that highlights Philadelphia.
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Dream Girl
Josh McIlvain ©

Last night I had a dream

I met a very beautiful girl

Long brown hair, soft and straight,

Beautiful face and body

Quick footed and quick witted

Younger but not much

I never got her age

Everything a girl of my dreams should be

I met her in a funny way

She was the cashier at the Four Seasons

Where I was having breakfast with co-workers

And we were expensing it

Though we were really mad

Because our food was two hours late

And we yelled at the manager who didn't care

Then I went to pay and she, this girl I met, said

It was on the house and I said

Great I'd like to leave something for the waiters,
can you make

Me a bill for them (so I could be reimbursed)

And she said are you sure you want to pay

I said yes

And for some reason she wrote me a personal
check for $110 and then

She and I were in a cab together and she knew
the cabbie by name--Lou

Or something like Lou

He idled by her place first and she mentioned
that her place was a dump and

I said she should see mine

But what she really said was

Her boyfriend's a chump so I corrected myself

And told her I didn't have a girlfriend

She and Lou exchanged a look and

Lou approved of me with a nod that suggested

I was better than the guy she's dating

I asked if she'd like to join me for a beer or

And she said, yeah, or something

So Lou drove us toward my place because

I wanted to drop off my stuff

Just the bag I take to work

I tried directing Lou through back streets

We went up this hill which brought us level
with the rooftops

The front doors five stories below the road

So we got out, the girl and I,

Since the back street thing wasn’t working out

Let Lou go, we weren't far anyway

We walked across the rooftops, traveling over
fire escapes,

       Crossing buildings on a series of warped
wooden beams better suited for

                    crossing streams

A friend of hers joined us

A pretty girl too, a little younger

At a wooden shed on one roof we sat in the
corner of this shed

The wood was clean, smelled good and we
laughed, shoulders touching

Her friend seemed to like me but she soon left
to do whatever

Then the girl I met, this girl of my dreams

She wanted me to stay in the corner of the shed

Soon we were kissing our first kiss

Things moved pretty fast because not much
later we were naked

Her skin felt nice and warm and she was going
down on me

I thought she was trying to make me come
quickly so she could

Catch up with her friend but then we were
making love and it was going great

We were doing it in a position that I always

Her sitting on my lap with her back to me

What a lovely back it was

And she enjoying herself, getting into it and

I thought what an awesome girl and

I'm so glad I met her maybe this is the start of
something great

Then as we were still doing it she said,

I want to scar you in a painful way

And I thought, wow, that's

The craziest, sexiest thing I ever heard in the
middle of having sex

I've never been a real fan of dirty talk but I
liked that

And her nails pinched me my legs like needles

It felt good

I thought, that feels good, not really painful

But then I saw she had a little scalpel and I said

Whoa what are you doing?

Meanwhile we were still doing it,

Her ass smack-smack against me

I tried grabbing her hand with the scalpel but

She twisted it away with an irritated, what?

Not realizing that I hadn’t interpreted her words

She took the scalpel to the side of my thigh and
began cutting me

Not deep

But like she was making a homemade tattoo

I tried pushing her off but only succeeded in
slipping my dick out

I yelled Yo! Yo! Yo!

That's when I woke up

Happy the girl of my dreams wasn’t real

Even though she had been great for a while.