Echoes of Ethereal Love in Electric
by Diar©

Your lips of lilac wine


the inside of my neck

woke me up this morning

as you tightened your arms

around me

in a silent yawn

whose breath warmed my cheek

as you nestled

your black-haired stubble

back onto my shoulder.

You told me you loved me.

I twisted myself around,

refastening my arms

about your shoulders

as I fell naked

and fading starlight

into the eternity

of the becalmed waves

of your blue eyes.


You flashed that sexy, naughty smile

that always gets you into trouble

and tempts me

to tenderly ravish you,

tickling your thighs

and cascading my fingertips

down your back gently

impressing my nails

into your smooth, soft flesh.  

You gripped me tight

and swallowed me

in a close, hot embrace.

I kissed your lavender

lotus tipped nipples

biting them playfully.

Making you sigh

with erogenous passion

you enveloped me

in an erotic frenzy                                                                    

elevating us

onto the fleeting, pristine planes

and prisms of crystallized

cosmic orgasms.

As you lifted me  

onto your stomach

you tossed your head

into the lush,

light-blue satin pillows,

and slipping your arms

beneath them

with gratified desire

you flashed

that seductive smile

while the universe,

wrought into cataracts of chaos,

undulated and rode out

its insensible, epileptic seizures

into the collapsing shapes

and splashes

of sensually saturated

spectrums of ecstasy.  
About Diar:

Diar/Dominick is a part-time English professor looking for full-time work in copyediting. He lives and
works in Queens, New York, and has degrees in Literature with minors in Art History and
Philosophy. Recently, he has published poetry and nonfiction critical prose online in the last year.
His literary/poetic influences are the British Romantics and French Decadents. His poetic and
nonfiction prose writings focus on art, literature, Eastern philosophy and religion. His major interests
lie within the arts and humanities, and hopes to begin writing an historical novel in the new year.   
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