Unspoken Fantasy of You
By Lisa  M Ash

In your eyes my spirit takes flight
Never had I witnessed such a beautiful sight
Unspoken words of admiration go deep
Don’t want you know how I feel about you and me

Hidden feelings that I dare not speak
My love for you goes beyond

Within your body your heart is good and true
Every action says nothing but goodness coming from

Something about you is different you stand out
Beautifully divine
Respect and admiration if only your love was mine

Deepness of my emotions exclusively you possess
Words cannot justify and even come near to how
Famthomless deep
All the feelings for you there is inside of me

If only you could even feel one tiny part the same
Never would anything extinguish my flame

Blissful ecstacy your body
I have seen in my dreams
Making love to you is my fantasy

What I would do for you limits
There would never be
True love in every word from my heart
Pure honesty

Your skin tantalizes me your heart and soul you
I want so badly
Your pleasure is my pleasure anything for you
I would do gladly

Tender emotions in every caress
Curling your strands between my fingers
As your soft skin in my lips would memorize
Staring at you while between your thighs

Savoring your sweetness my tounge
Rotates pushes while your dew upon my lips
Your fingers touch my fingertips

Then upon your chest kissing up to your lips
The strength of your passion would drive me wild

Our bodies perfectly intertwined

Silence only moaning filling the room
There is nothing you would ask I wouldn’t do
Emotions so tender forever
In my heart heart remains
Our spirits living on a transcendal plane

Your name upon my lips
While my hands underneath of your body
So deeply in your physicality

My spine covered in sweat
Your fingers digging your legs want me as close as
Our hearts and feelings we are entity

My thumb into your mouth
While my body loves you
Deliberately at a tender pace
Watching your eyes watching your face

Nothing would divide our hearts you and I
Deeply intertwined
If only you knew how I feel
That love for you has no ties

Fondling my body while your lips
And my lips passionately
Tangle and tease
My hands would hold in place while I slip
In with ease

Consuming so many emotions our bodies cling
Together our smiles
Would be so very wide

My love for you no other could possess
Very hard to find
Tenderness your knuckles white while you
Hold my body sunken in your body so deep

You would taste the salt upon my body
As two no more would we truly be
Making love to each other other binds
Us almost eternally

Your legs my hands would stroke
stiffening in your soft sweet embrace
Always the love for you
Immensely burning in your name

If only you knew you are my one true real fantasy
I keep my love hidden from you not wanting
You to see

Loving you from distance
My love goes beyond limits
My heart in my eyes
My heart with no ties

who you are how you are yourself ulimately
I am enchanted unspoken emotions
Forever belong to me
If only you knew you can have all of me

Any lengths if you’d ask I would do happily
My body and heart you hold forever exclusively

*to unconditional love and actions
we have for the special ones in our lives*
©2006 by Lisa M Ash
All rights reserved.
Lisa was born in New Jersey. Lisa has a passion for writing. Erotic poetry is the main branch she likes to write,
and she has written several erotic poems.  Lisa is quoted as saying "Making love should be a beautiful thing
because there are so many negative things in the world sometimes you just need anything uplifting when things
can feel or get ugly. There needs to be beauty in sex and in two people who really care about each other.
Hopefully in my poetry its obvious sex shouldn't just be about sex it should be more."
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