©2006 by Kenneth Thomas
All rights reserved
Kenneth Thomas is a freelance writer from New York City.  He has been featured in the poetic
anthology entitled "Tracing the Infinite" (2004, International Library of Poetry) page 1.  Kenneth is
currently working on several independent projects and is in talks to write a series of articles for
prospective newspaper publications.  Kenneth will be putting out a book of poetry in the first
quarter of 2006
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Kenneth Thomas

Can these inquisitive fingertips take a stroll through your private trip?

Down your waist to swing open those trembling hips

A touch magnified a thousand times, I am indeed inclined

A spot slippery and wet, hair raised on the back of your neck

Met by a lustful anticipation the mood is slowly set

Skilled fingertips slide down the small of your back

Arched orgasms from behind a slow song is the track

Fingertips to caress nipples that are swollen and erect

Warm hands ready to palm those pleasantly engaging breasts

Goosebumps arrive for this carnal interlude tonight

Merely grazing them sends terrifically ticklish tingles down your spine

A flushed face red with a feverish excitement

Heat emanating from the body, lost control, this is almost frightening

Incapable of words managing only aroused whispers

Amazed how so much pleasure can come from just the tips of fingers

Fingertips that circle and infinitely tease moist lips

Those same tips penetrate to expose a delighted throbbing clit

Wet fingertips caused by a gushing proclamation

Encouraged by muffled moans of exasperation

Drenched inner-thighs is the wake of this experience

Complimented by a breathlessness caused by crafty fingertips

Mutual sensation of skin manipulating skin

Eager to oblige, just ask them for more erogenous trips

They aim to please, those slick and seductive fingertips