Flesh for Fantasy
by Tofuti

A booth with a view to a thrill.
One dollar to start, then you're hooked.
More dollars to keep the shade open
and more money for the dance to begin.
The flesh pressing to the window
close enough to smell
but not to touch or taste
of the hardened sweat
on the silken draped frame.
A signature of sweat and love on the glass.
A reminder to the viewer
that he is alone
and the flesh is but a FANTASY.

The Encounter

Hot chocolate flesh
grinding to the beat in the heat
on the cot in the cracked paint bedroom.

Steam rising
from the sweating vessels of love
on the unwashed cotton sheets.

Strangers who meet and love for a lifetime
in an afternoon of passion.
About Todd "Tofuti" Folstad

Todd "Tofuti" Folstad been writing for the better part of a quarter century, starting
shortly before entering college in 1982.  His writing generally is free-verse and
situationally driven, basically what is happening and where it's happening.  Just the
overall situation of life.  A larger sampling of his work can be seen on
These poems were from a time in his life where he was in a dark and interesting place
where erotica was a large part of my existence.
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