For Her:  Oral Pleasure
by Adultpoemposter  

I start by kissing her up and down.
I kiss her front and back and all around.
I suck on her nipples until they stand up.
On my way down to drink from her ~Loving Cup.
Her legs slowly part as they show me the way.
Then, clamp shut!  I have -no choice- but to stay.
Between her thighs ~I play with her clit.
As my hand slides up to fondle her tit.
Her approval comes in the form of deep moans.
And, Excitement reduces her speech to low tones.
Eating her out with a full mouth, I linger.
Soon my tongue is joined by finger.
Flicking and licking with no end in sight.
Taking both in and gripping them tight.
She writhes and turns and starts to buck.
Pressing me harder -she screams- Ahh, Fuck !!!
Both hands, slam down on the back of my head.
Even as she slips over the edge of the bed.
I follow her down to the floor ~you see.
Because, my suction won’t release her tasty pussy.
She cums so hard at an ‘Incredible’ pace.
As she explodes with ‘Wet’ ~all over my face.
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