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Friends With Benefits
by Josh Crummer

We began where Facebook-official ended. Created a system

of detachment where unity was once law, ourselves familiar

and safe as our own homes.

Used to be the basement, or on occasion, country back streets

where we knew no vehicle would trek. Your front seats without a

median, my hands saturated in magic. Or so said your body as you

quivered, shook, collapsed onto ourselves.

Repeat reasons for last-second plans with others and you said it wasn’t

your fault. You found work, lost patience. And the eviction that followed.
Place my love upon a shelf, you’d sooner recycle it with plastic.

So many weeks after with my new plan and your number lights up

my room. I heard the little signs. The pause in between suggestions.

The words within words. I hung up and sat in front of my computer.

Hands to myself. Release. I fell asleep, ignored my quickened pulse.
About Josh Crummer:
Josh Crummer is a poet who is pursuing his MA at Central Michigan
University. His work has appeared numerous areas like Emerge Literary
Journal, Temenos Journal, Penduline Press, and as of recently, here! His
other works of erotica have been proudly featured in previous issues of
Bare Back Magazine over the past two years.