by Ramana Rao B.V.

When flower blooms

Painted lady turns around its fragrance

A game of youth hood

It’s a teenage repulsion

Bodies which repel one another

Before the game blazes out

Their Lips that throws a candy kiss

One another cheek with an ecstasy

A flame that burns and flares

Into their physique laboratory

Hands are moving in up and down slopes

Lips are gesticulating for high flow rate fall

She sounds in heavy breathe

An utterance of sweet pain waving

Man aims his pump action

She thrills and shakes in an enjoyment

Throbs a rhythmical beat of exhilaration

The play that reaches in orgasm stage

She shouts and cries out louder

In an intercourse drama

If she reach into orgasm height

She screams and yells with tears

She had a myth, to explore

Why tears apart interact?

Is the game for an unhappy mood?

She quest herself… foreplay reviews

HA! She dreams and cools

Waiting for next game!

For true love it never ends.
About Ramana Rao B.V.
Although he writes primarily in his mother tongue, Telugu, he has been
writing poetry for three years in English as well. Rao has an MA in
Sociology, a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and a postgraduate
diploma in Journalism and Mass media.

He is currently based in Hyderabad, where he is working as a freelancer.
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