by Native

It happened while the light where out
You walk up to me  and touched me ever so gentle..
So gentle that I couldn’t say a word... as you
caressed my body I could feel my knees getting weak.
Slowly your tongue outlined my breast... I moaned,
touch me some more I screamed, you traced the
curves of my body down to the juices that were
flowing from my thighs.
Still without a word you allowed yourself to engulp all
of my nectar...I lost my balance...I wanted to call your
name but I remembered that I didn’t even know who
was touching continued to devour my every
drop and when you were done .. You asked me...was
it good for you to? That is when I realized, the gentle
touch of a woman......

Touch Me
by Native

Make my body scream with the stroke of your fingertip
Explore new areas in my mind that I have only
dreamed of from time to time
Inhale the nectar of my sweet smelling juices that are
steaming with passion and rage
Bathe in the cream of my soul that flows with milk and
my body is temple, so touch me soft
Yet hard enough to leave the tracks of your joy
Joy in knowing that you have entered a place not
privileged to all
But desired by many
The joy of relief that our bodies have breathed new
life into each other
As we lay in silence our souls rejoice in exotic
Native is a  33 year old residence of Greensboro, North Carolina.  
she have been married for 5 years and the mother of 2. She started
writing heart felt and spiritual piece 20 years ago. In the last year,
She decided to try her hand at writing exotica. She realized that
through this method of writing, She could take on another life form.
Thus, she created “Native”; with her she is free to express the
desires and fantasies that she has only dreamed about.
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